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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


An interesting story in the Washington Post this morning.

As the Veteran who was behind the notification to the US Senate concerning the dental clinic malfeasance at the Dayton Ohio VA I can attest to the hard job it is to “accurately” portray what is going on. Because of the hundreds of dedicated and really good employees I have wrestled with making sure that I not disparage their hard work while condemning the guilty and protecting myself from becoming a malcontent. It’s certainly a tightrope to walk. I think we need more independent voices and I also believe more Veterans should be employed within the VA’s structure. Unfortunately, as long as the “powers that be” insist on blackballing, from employment, anyone who disagrees with them I don’t see that possibility anytime in the near future. Personally, I have approximately 12 rejection letters from the Dayton VA on applications for employment. They all say “Qualified but not Accepted”. For me to think this is NOT personal is an insult.

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