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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


At the Dayton VA Medical Center we currently have as employees: Two executives who were caught engaged in a sex act on VA grounds, during work hours: One executive who was arrested, charged and convicted for soliciting paid sex acts from an undercover Dayton police officer: One employee who stinks so bad he has been transferred to 2nd shift to keep him away from the patients during the day: Another employed who has been arrested on multiple occasions for soliciting prostitution: One employee who is listed on the State of Ohio Sex Offenders web site as a child molester: Several employees who knew and watched, for 18 years, as a dentist practiced dentistry while exposing Veterans to potential blood born pathogens: a former Director, still receiving his paycheck from the Dayton VA who was described by the Secretary of VA affairs as “a failure of leadership”!

Yet, Darrell Hampton, an Honorably Discharged Veteran cannot get a job at the VA because he had the nerve to notify the appropriate authorities on these matters.

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