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Friday, May 13, 2011


The problem I have with the way VA executives conduct themselves is that they have lost sight of their mission. Instead of seeing the Veterans as the customer the American people are paying them to provide a service for they are so busy pocketing up every single dollar they can get their hands on Veterans have become a lower priority. It’s as if we are a necessary tolerance interrupting their way to wealth. AND…that’s exactly how I feel!

It is Un-American to conclude that if a Veteran has brought substantiated charges (Not empty mentally challenged accusations) He is adjudicated as having “kicked dirt on the umpire” and therefore barred from any chance of employment with this Federal Agency. That is NOT how this country was founded nor is it how it is expected to be run. The very least we can expect, as Americans, is that those trusted with authority do not violate our laws nor will they engage in blatant “Retaliation and Retribution” against another citizen.

The new Acting Director of the Dayton VA, Bill Montague, has been employed with the VA, making close to $200,00.00 a year for quite a long time. His wife, Vicky Montague, has been employed by the VA also, technically for VSN 10 but assigned to Bill’s medical center, also making close to $200.000.00 per year for quite a few years.

Even after being rewarded with such a fabulous lifestyle he had the unmitigated gall to tell me, an Honorably Discharged Veteran, that my having the guts to challenge wrongdoing has cost me employment with this agency. I find that conclusion wholly unacceptable!

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