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Saturday, March 19, 2011


As an African American I have never been more ashamed that a black organization would have defended such a malicious crime in my 57 years on this earth. I sincerely hope people do not think this represents African Americans in this country. Dr. Pemberton and Guy Richardson are criminals in my opinion, period, and it makes no difference, to me, how much melanin is in their skin.

This “White Supervisor’s” claim that “The race card was played and that lead him to a “different direction from White higher ups” is not a sufficient excuse to place Honorably Discharged Veterans lives in danger. He had a moral and professional responsibility to stand his ground. Hippocratic oaths demand it and no excuse is acceptable to me for this malfeasance. Blaming it on the NAACP or anybody else will not do! His responsibility, when he took the job, was to provide a safe environment. He cashed the checks and he bought houses and provided for his family with the money. Using the excuse that the “race card was played” to justify his derelict of duty is not good enough for me.

He was wrong, plain and simple and I don’t give a damn WHAT card was played he had a professional obligation to put a halt to Pemberton‘s actions and he should have stood up to the Chief of Staff or any damn body else to protect us from this behavior!

The truth is that he “choose” to go along to get along” and that is the real sad truth of the matter! He didn’t give a damn about the lives of Veterans and he acquiesced in the abuse of patients! He choose his career and money over his duties and our safety!

Why is it the hardest thing for a man to say is: “I was wrong!”

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