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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director May 30. 2006
Dayton Veterans Medical Center
4100 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45428
Formal Charges- Dr. William B. O’Brien, PhD and Barry Romesburg and Dr. Florence Coleman.
1. Conspiracy to Deny Veterans Benefits
2. Retaliation and Retribution
On or about July 1, 2005 I contacted Dr. O’Brien, after I received the diagnosis of liver damage. I explained my situation to him and requested that I be given a CWT position. He assured me that this would not be a problem and he would assign a CWT Counselor to my case. He assigned Barry Romesburg. It is common knowledge that Mr. Romesburg is a bigot and disagrees with my existence. Traumatized by the recent news and urgently needing to prepare myself, financially for treatment of this disease, I decided to try and work with Mr. Romesburg. I explained to Mr. Romesburg that I would not be able to do heavy manual labor and specifically not in the VA Cemetery, because of the same reasons. Mr. Romesburg, intentionally, failed to mention there were “light-duty” assignments in the cemetery. The results were that Mr. Romesburg told me that I was a security risk and I was restricted from having a CWT position on the Medical Center . He offered a job at a General Motors sub-contractor that required that I be able to lift heavy weight and stand on my feet 10 hours a day. I rejected this offer knowing that my body would not withstand such rigorous daily responsibilities.
I returned to Dr. O’Brien’s office where he told me “it’s the lawsuit Mr. Hampton, because you filed a lawsuit against us we are not able to give you a CWT position on the grounds”. Since that day to this one, 10 months later, he has given me an overabundance of excuses as to why I am not being allowed to become financially independent. If not he than Mr. Romesburg or Dr. Coleman has been his stand in. The manufacture lies on the spot whenever asked about this subject. Their latest is that HMP doesn’t have a CWT program. This is a brand spanking new LIE.
2. Conspiracy to File False Criminal Charges
3. Conspiracy to Commit Civil Rights Violations
Sometime during the month of April a female veteran named Karen Grody accused a Veteran, Buddy Hall of approaching her while she was in the elevator. She claimed that Mr. Hall grabbed her and told her he wanted to kiss her. The staff discharged Mr. Hall who ended up walking the street homeless for 2 weeks until he was readmitted to 7 South. On May 11, 2006, this same female accused me of sexually harassing her and they have elevated this piffle and rubbish to a Constitutional Crisis. The Police concerning this ordeal have interviewed me. The charge was filed May 11, 2006 the investigation continues, even today May 30, 2006. I was interviewed by a female officer name Potter. Officer Potter approach was not well received. Officer Potter’s questioning was quiet offensive and her people skills are severely lacking. My personal observation is that she has overdosed on too many episodes of “Law and Order”. What was particularly noteworthy was the fact that over half of the questions asked had absolutely nothing to do with sexual harassment. Her most pointed questions were about how I knew so much about what was going on in my medical files. In particular, “Who has shown you your medical files, how many FOIA request have you made, has any staff member allowed you to use their computer, has any staff member made copies of your files, and has any staff member ever read anything off of their computer out loud while you were in their office. I fail to see what any of these questions have to do with “Sexual Harassment”. More importantly was the feeling of déjà vu I was experiencing while being interrogated by her. These were the exact same questions, word for word, I was asked by Dr. O’Brien while in his office several months ago. He is using the VA Police to find information, and answers to questions I have refused to answer while in his office. His interests lie not in offering the best service to America ’s Veterans, rather it is how can He cover up his wrongdoing and disparage the reputations of those who discover evidence of the same.
First of all NOBODY is giving me information. Their infantile antics are very transparent to me. I am fatigued with these people, so predisposed to thinking African Americans cannot find information without their assistance. They have accused Mario Mancini of writing every document that I create. At one time Dr. Cohen was obsessed with the one question “Who is helping him”. They appear to think it has to be someone white because no black person, particularly one with a history of drug abuse, can do this alone. It is very conspicuous that they never get around to addressing the actual problem or violation.
4. Abuse of Power
Dr. O’Brien is using his position, his influence over the VA police Department to manufacture a criminal case against me while going on a “fishing expedition” to try and create yet another. If one can find no defense for his violations why not blame the accuser. This is clear ad hominem and abuse of his Power as a Service Chief.
They have no evidence of any “sexual harassment” because it never happened. The accuser, while in pitiful mental condition, cannot be blamed for her condition. Her illness is her illness. Finding fault with her is not my place. I have nothing but compassion for her insecurities and feelings of impotency. My charges are against those who would participate in such a contemptible act as using her to accomplish their acts of a pure schadenfreude. It is diametrically opposed to intelligent thought to believe that these people have ever been capable of adding to the mental health of any of America ’s Veterans. They know how, they refuse to help and they block the way to mental health for those Veterans seeking wellness. They adhere and subscribe to the patient treatment concepts of Josef Mengele.
Respectfully Submitted,
Darrell Hampton
US Army Veteran
P.O.Box 3101
Dayton, Ohio 45401-3101
Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director May 31. 2006
Dayton Veterans Medical Center
4100 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45428
Dear Mr. Richardson,
On or about May 18, 2006 I was interrogated by A female VA Police officer named Potter, I am not aware of her first name. Officer Potter’s approach to an investigation was very inappropriate. One of her first questions to me was in reference to my asking a staff member, Margo Talbott, to request Ms. Grody to come into the office. Ms. Talbott had no idea why I wanted to speak to Ms. Grody. I had simply requested that she witness a conversation I was about to have with Ms. Grody. When Ms. Grody arrived I asked her to please have a seat. I began, “it has come to my attention that you have filed sexual harassment chares against me”. I continued, “if I have offended you in some way, please accept my apologies. Because I am now aware of these charges I must insist that you cease communicating with me. If you felt harassed in any ways you have every right to file any charges that you fell are warranted”. Ms. Grody proceeded to try and explain how it was Noretta Justice’s fault and she didn’t mean to. I got up walked out of the office and left Ms. Grody and Ms. Talbott alone.
While recanting this experience to Officer Potter she interrupted me and asked “who told you not to have any contact with Ms. Grody? I responded “I made the decision on my own; I don’t need anyone to instruct me not to have any contact with a person who has lodged this type of charges against my person. Officer Potter continued, Dr. O’Brien did not tell you not to have contact with Ms. Grody? I repeated my denial that I had been in touch with Dr. O’Brien. Officer Potter asked this same question repeatedly in an attempt to intimidate me into changing my answer.
Officer Potter then begins to ask multiple questions about Ms. Anna Burney. She wanted to know when and where I had my first contact with Ms. Burney concerning these charges. Who called whom first? What was said when communication was established. The answers to these questions are none of her business and have no relevance in an investigation concerning “Sexual Abuse”! Officer Potter is abusing her Police Authority in an effort to find answers to question for some other reason. Further it appeared, that how I found news concerning the charges was of a much more urgent need, to Officer Potter, than whether or not an actual inappropriate action had been committed
When Officer Potter initially sat down and read my rights to me she explained that the questions were pertaining to the charge of sexual abuse. Yet she spent most of the interrogation on questions such as “Who has shown you information in your medical files, How many FOIA forms have you filed, has any staff member ever allowed you to use their computer, Has any staff member ever read you things off of their computer while you were in their office, Has any staff member ever made copies for you or printed anything off of their computer for you”. I find this level of questioning despicable. I was made to feel like Emmit Till who whistled at white woman fifty-years ago. Further, I felt that I had neither rights nor any control over these violations. I do not remember surrendering my Civil Rights when I entered this establishment. Her approach and questioning was brash, unprofessional and illegal!
What is more perplexing about Officer’s Potter’s questioning was her intense concentration on my method of finding out what decisions were being discussed concerning my health and well-being. Ironically these were the exact same questions, some of them actually verbatim, asked of me by Dr’ O’Brien several months ago. In fact Dr. O’Brien has asked these questions of me on more than one occasion. It is Police Misconduct and a further Abuse of her Authority for her to, under the color of her badge to seek answers to others questions. Dr’ O’Brien’s propensity to foment resentment towards my wellbeing is taking yet another victim. This time it is a Police Officer! If I am expected to believe that Dr. O’Brien did not give her these questions, I am sorry, I cannot even pretend to be that stupid. HE DID IT!
I am requesting that this Police Officer be held to the highest standards of law enforcement behavior and law abiding conduct. Further, I am requesting that, in the future, Officer Potter be forbidden from investigating anything having to do with Darrell Hampton. She has already proven bias and an intense desire to insure that fairness and impartially not be afforded to Darrell Hampton.
Respectfully Submitted,
Darrell Hampton
US Army Veteran
338 ashwood Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45405
Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director June 2, 2006
Dayton Veterans Medical Center
4100 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45428
Dear Postmaster General
On Thursday June 1, 2006 Noretta Justice displayed the daily list of mail for Veterans in Bldg. 410. My name was on the list. As has been my custom, since she has created so much bitterness is to sign the mail and have another employee, Kim Hawkins accompanies me so that she may retrieve my mail.
As we approached Ms. Justice’s office door Ms. Hawkins asked for my mail. Ms. Justice informed us that Dr. William O’Brien, PhD the Service Chief for her department, had ordered her to insist I write a note allowing Kim Hawkins to retrieve my mail. I explained to Ms. Justice that Ms. Hawkins is an employee and has all of the authorization as any other employee to distribute mail and I left her office.
After reporting this incident to the VA authorities via Ms. Anna Burney, Patient Advocate, I was told to stand down until she could look into the situation. Ten minutes later Ms. Burney called back and told me to go and get my mail. Ms. Justice again refused to deliver my mail. This time she called Dr. O’Brien. I stood there along with Ms. Hawkins while she spoke to him. He requested that Ms. Hawkins go to another location so that he could speak with her. I asked Ms. Justice to tell him to call me; it was my mail that was in dispute, not Ms. Hawkins mail
Dr. O’Brien called me on ext. 2216. He said, Mr. Hampton what seems to be the problem?” I replied, Dr. O’Brien you know exactly what the problem is!” He said, “Why don’t you just walk in her office and ask for your mail”? I replied “because you know she creates problems every time I speak to her and I refuse to communicate with her about anything.” He responded, “Well just write Kim a note so that she can pick up your mail”. I responded I would NOT! No other Veteran is made to meet these standards and I will not, either”! Dr. O’Brien then replied “well you just won’t get your check, then”. I replied you do not have the authority to make that decision”! He then said this conversation is over and I hung up the phone.
At approximately 4:00PM James Washington, the Health Tech, in bldg. 410 called me into his office and delivered my mail, without my writing a note to authorize him to receive my mail. So it is obvious writing a note was not the goal here. Dr. O’Brien holding my mail hostage in an attempt FORCE me to communicate with an employee I had repeatedly told him I had no desire to interact with. This act exceeds his authority, sir. He does not have the authority to violate Patient Rights and Responsibilities, which PLAINLY state that I have a right to refuse and request not to have contact with anyone I choose! Dr. William O’Brien and MS. Noretta Justice are blocking the delivery of US Mail to accomplish ulterior goals.
This was a deliberate interference with the delivery of US mail and a violation of Federal Laws concerning this subject.
I am requesting that the appropriate authorities be notified and that criminal charges be pursued to halt this practice.
Thank you very much for your time and prompt attention to this matter.
Respectfully Submitted,
Darrell Hampton
US Army Veteran
338 Ashwood Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45405
Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director July 10, 2006
Dayton Veterans Medical Center
Dayton, Ohio 45428
Dear Mr. Richardson:
I have been forced to attend several Treatment Teams in the past 30 days. Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Coleman constantly seek justification to discharge me from the Medical Center . They have convened 2 meetings without inviting me to participate in my treatment plans. They were considerate enough to invite me to the meeting held on June 28, 2006. Present at this meeting were Lois Thompson, Mario Mancini, Laura Lewis and Carol Blanford. Ms Blanford has been eager to assist them to get rid of me. I waited outside the meeting for over 1 hour while my status was vigorously debated. The end result was a vote of 3 to 1 that I am in need of additional treatment due to my continuing physical and financial needs. Ms. Blanford interrupted the meeting on several occasions to phone “someone” where she spoke about not being able to get the team to go along with “his or her” opinion. After this meeting I asked Lois Thompson, my Social Worker, to forward to Dr. O’Brien my request to meet with the assessment team tasked with looking into domiciliary operations.
On Thursday June 29, 2006, while waiting inside Ms. Thompson’s office to see the team, Ms. Thompson received a phone call. From the side of the conversation that was audible to me it was obvious I was the subject of the conversation. Ms. Blanford was arranging yet another treatment team at. Dr. O’Brien’s request just 2 days after thee last one. Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Coleman could make the vote 3 to 3 and he could justify overruling the team and discharging me.
I departed Ms. Thompson’s office and took it upon myself to meet with the team. I briefly explained my experiences as a patient here. I further notified the team that Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Coleman had an uncontrollable desire to see me fail and evict me from the Medical Center . I told them that he had ordered yet another treatment team to be convened the following day at 1:15pm to achieve his goals. I invited them to attend but they declined my invitation due to scheduling problems.
On Friday June 30, 2006 the Treatment team convened at approximately 1:00pm. I was made to wait outside for almost another hour while they discussed my status. In attendance, this time was, Dr. Florence Coleman, Carol Blanford, Mario Mancini, Laura Lewis, Lois Thompson and Dr. Bill O’Brien. From outside the door I could hear Dr. O’Brien browbeating them, trying to force them to agree with his opinion to discharge me from the program. Finally they called me inside where I was addressed by Dr. Coleman. She said, “Mr. Hampton we have been discussing your treatment plan and we have decided to discharge on Monday July 3, 2006”. I responded, “So let me get this straight. You are telling me in 3 days I will become homeless”. No one responded. I turned to Dr. O’Brien and I asked him “what was the vote”? He said, “There was no vote”. I said that’s not true there is always a vote”. He said, “Well I don’t think the vote is any of your business”! I said “Don’t you even see how arrogant you are? You have the audacity to make decisions that affect a person’s life and then tell them that how the decision was made is none of their business”? I repeated, “What was the vote Dr. O’Brien”? He replied, “It was split”. I said, “So you overrode the tie”? He replied “No I did not.” I said, “You are lying again, sir. Do you even know how to tell the truth?” Anyway this conversation went on for several minutes with my accusing him and Dr. Coleman of conspiring to harm me. I made a final announcement that I would begin a hunger strike, to protest their decision outside the front gate on Monday July 3, 2006. Dr. O’Brien notified the VA Police that I said I was going to “chain myself to the front gate”. This is an example of how he embellishes statements just enough to make the speaker appear mentally unbalanced. He is a bold-faced lie. I made no such statement!!
Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Coleman make life here unbearable. They write and/or approve policies that demand any Non- Residential Veteran not be allowed to consume any meals in the dining room. They even confiscated the blank meal tickets from the staff that would issue them. If a Veteran, who is not a resident, has been fortunate enough to get assigned a CWT position and is caught eating in the dining room he/she is immediately dismissed from the job. They have a policy that demands any Veteran who has an income of $500.00 per month is not entitled to any CWT position. They vigorously insist Veterans NOT apply for any position on the Center. They, along with Barry Romsburg, insist that Veterans take any low-paying job that’s available. Sir, it is an unrealistic expectation that anyone will succeed with an income of $5.15 per hour. That’s not enough to buy 2 gallons of gas much less pay rent and utilities. Don’t forget one cannot come here to eat. While the dining room is feeding the extra food to the dumpsters Veterans running to the bus stop feed their hunger. This policy is solely of their making while they make $900.00 dollars per day and feast on filet mignon. They lie and say it was a “corporate decision”. I fail to see where ANY corporation would have influence over the decisions on this Center. It was my understanding The American People financed this concern. These people, who’ve never put on a uniform, live better off Veterans benefits than ANY Veteran I’ve ever met I am not implying that one has to be a Veteran to provide service, what I am saying is that if one is employed here, regardless of their history that person must agree with the “Veterans First” slogan.
Well Sir I tried to protest outside of the gate at Third and Gettysburg . I lasted 4 days. This is not working for me. There are several reasons but the three most important are: 1. I am definitely NOT 15 years old anymore, 2. it is too HOT! 3. I was forced to stop taking my medication as it makes one hypersensitive to the sun and I am hurting myself. This is definitely not in my best interest.
Sir, I have decided to take my urgent issues to another level. I realize that you must follow Roberts Rules of Order. I do not have that luxury. I find no fault with you, sir. My health and my welfare must take precedent over this process. If this situation has not been corrected by Thursday July 13, 2006 at 4:00 pm. I will board a Greyhound bus to Washington D.C. on Friday July 14, 2006 at 6:50 pm. I will arrive in D.C. at 11:45 Saturday morning. On Monday I will visit the Veterans Health Administration Headquarters to make my concerns known. If I am not satisfied with the results, Congress is back from holiday and I will take my case to the 435 members who are up for reelection. This is not a threat; rather it is my attempt to inform you of my sincere intentions. I try very hard, not to leave much to one’s imagination. I say exactly what I mean and I mean exactly what I say
I have every right to recover and I refuse to be the victim of this band of antisocial, blatantly dishonest, manipulating, racist and bigoted patient abusing staff. They have violated MCP so long they think it’s normal. If one calls their behavior to their attention they accuse you of “pushing their buttons. They make great eye contact but one will never discover truth while conversing with them. This team has forgotten the mission and has hopelessly lost their way. They are desperately begging to be relieved of command. The leader of any department sets the morals and work ethical tone of the workforce. Their subordinates are simply a symptom of the problem; the cancer in this department is at the top and, in my opinion, surgery is needed immediately to excise or the whole body will die.
Respectfully Submitted,
Darrell Hampton
US Army Veteran
338 Ashwood Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45405
Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director September 2, 2006
Dayton Veterans Medical Center
4100 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45428
Dear Mr. Richardson,
Here we go again. This time I have applied for a CWT Position. I am being made to wait for an answer while, I am sure they are engaging in the reckless exercise of developing a policy to forbid anyone who is non-service connected from obtaining a CWT Position. They will expect me to believe that this policy, like many others, has not been motivated to exclude my particular circumstances? If I refuse they will accuse me of being guilty of paranoia or some other dim diagnoses. These people have wasted so much of their time writing “Darrell Hampton” policies I am unable to see how they can stand to look at themselves in a mirror, much less complete any work measured by their perspective job descriptions. They ceaselessly commit violations insuring they leave room for plausible deniability all the while simultaneously attacking the accuser who dared to illuminate their behavior. This is no less than their pathetic attempt to divert attention from their evil acts. This is Dr. O’Brien’s special dismal attempt to deflect attention from his repeated failure to manage his staff and, worse yet, joining them in their sick pleasures. This has become some sort of sick game to these people. Their methods, which are redolent of prior calculation and design, are so puerile they would be humorous if they did not result in the devastation of the lives of America ’s Veterans.
The Dr. O’Brien & Co consistently make a sham and mockery of Medical Center Policy.
I wouldn't list mental stability or ethical behavior as their strongest personal characteristics. It was never the intent of the Veterans Administration to give any Program Director such unfettered control, particularly where their actions blatantly disregard the parameters clearly enumerated in Veteran Administration Policy. FOR THE RECORD!

I am not some “intellectually insecure Veteran” in need of validation of my IQ by others. Actually, my opinion of my intelligence is of much more significance than the opinions of strangers. Rather, I am the embodiment of a Veteran who came to the 338 Ashwood Ave.seeking treatment. While receiving treatment I was hurt, damaged, abused and forced to suffer at the hands of dishonest and mentally twisted employees, at taxpayer expense, period! NO MORE, NO LESS! This is not rocket science nor is it complicated or multifarious. In fact, in my humble opinion, continuing to focus of my intelligence closely resembles an insult for with it includes the unspoken shock and astonishment that I am not ill bred, uninformed, and oblivious to sophisticated thought while carrying the latest “boom box” over my left shoulder. I do not consider this a compliment and I will not appear grateful because others discover that I have a brain, as they do! This is an amazing example of how VA employees see America ’s Heroes who have lost their way in life. Is there any wonder why these people violate MCP without concern for legal conscientiousness? To quote Dr. Florence Coleman , MD “These Veterans are lazy, hopeless and psychologically shipwrecked. They have chosen their lifestyles; there is NOTHING we can do for them”. Dr. O'Brien, Dr. Coleman, Kathy Rowell, Carol Blanford, Rob Dennis, Richard Riddle and Barry Romesburg have sold their souls and found out 2
it didn’t hurt so they just keep going and going like patient abusing energizer battery powered assassins! Noretta Justice never even had a soul! Instead of recipients of care in exchange for our years of sacrifice, when it comes to this Mental Health Care Line, Veterans have become a slush fund of employment for those incompetents who could not accomplish something in the private sector. Men and women who, in our prime, were good enough to hazard our lives for our country have become nothing more than a “money machine” for ethically challenged, morally bankrupt individuals who sit on their butts 8 hours a day doing nothing but concocting recipes for disaster for America’s Veterans. By the way, to receive a government check and do no work is the text book definition of a welfare recipient. As a result of our varied problems we have become virtual prisoners of those who do so much enjoy kicking us while we are down while building their self-esteem via putting others down. In my opinion, these people should be sent to the front lines of the war against terrorism, I assure you Osama Bin Laden and his entire group would immediately surrender from absolute exhaustion of their urbane, professional treacherous double-dealing. I would not follow these people across the street if the green walk light was blinking WALK!
In this country when an accusation is filed it is not expected that those in authority focus on the accuser. I am consistently made to feel like a rape victim forced to bring the panties she was wearing on the night of the offense, to court. Why is it that the only questions asked, concerning these charges are about “my motives”? The only question I see relevant is “did these employees commit these offenses”? My motives, am I a game player, con man, drug addict, deceiver, malingerer, trickster, liar, or any other despicable personality trait are not germane to my accusations sir. If I were guilty of all of these discombobulating personality qualities, which I am not, it does not exonerate them for their behaviors. It does not entitle them to break away from accountability for their actions. My attributes or lack thereof do not resolve their guilt or innocence. The operative question here is DID THEY DO IT, NOT WHO DID THEY DO IT TO!? This is question which begs for a response! Dr. Cohen refused to get hold of the answer, Linda Smith refused to secure an answer and neither have you secured the answer to this question.
I am moved to document this modern medical tragedy because it is a morality play that should be witnessed by all of America . No person has the right to participate in or contribute to another’s demise. It wounds me, spiritually, to watch them use their imitation advanced thinking to maneuver others towards the course of obliteration. We Veterans come in needing help and they enervate us and march us towards the burial ground. This team is so corrupt they would steal your wallet, empty it of valuables and return it for the reward. Please do not make the same mistake of your predecessors, the mistake of doubting my resolve. I will get the answer to this question. There WILL be a reckoning on these issues, if not here than in a Federal Courtroom. There WILL be accountability attached to those who forced me to experience suffering and pain and who get pleasure from torturing patients! Since they are so affectionate of and consider it a catharsis to beat up on individuals who are incapable of defending themselves they should not be ashamed and let the entire country see their favorite amusement. For those of you who cannot grasp why I don’t just “get over” my experience here.
3You shoot 48 vials of interferon in your stomach. You consume over 2000 Ribaviran pills. After the side-effects of the medicine began to take control of your body you lose 40 lbs. You lose all of your muscle tone. You feel like you are dying everyday for 9 months. You go 3-4 days unable to consume anything of nutritional value. You watch and feel the effects of your white and red blood cells diminish. You suffer with rigors and feel your entire body tremble and your teeth chatter for 9 months. You walk around like an old man for 9 months when the side effects take control of you. You have false degrading sexual harassment criminal charges filed against you. You tolerate having panic buttons pushed against you and the Police summoned for no comprehensible reasons. You be constantly denied what you are entitled to having. You lay in bed sick and have people call you nothing but a con man and dismiss your concerns as if they are nothing. You have people conspire to cancel your only nutritional supplements. You get up from your sickbed and go to your nutritionist to thwart the cancellation. You keep going to treatment team after treatment team humbling yourself, asking them to please give you a job so that you have something to do to take your mind off your suffering and watch them smile and enjoy your pain. You take your time in your weakened state and document all of these violations, file them with the proper authorities and get no response. You suffer while you watch nothing being done about your concerns. You listen to others telling you that you are not being ignored and see if that response provides you with a catharsis. You play by the rules and still be denied a fair shot. You start getting well and watch as these people try to deny, deny, and deny you the opportunity to get well. You have several staff members attempt to make you display an inappropriate response so they can use that response to have you escorted off Medical Center property and rid themselves of your presence. You interact with law enforcement regularly while you are sick, having to explain the lies and deceptions being used against you, all the while watching them look at you like you must be smoking crack. You put forth the great effort to insure that you only record facts and truth while being sorely tempted to lie on them. You maintain your patience while suffering through all of this. You force yourself to keep a positive mental attitude. You watch the decent staff members sneak around and try to help you without getting caught by those in power. You listen to staff members whisper about “how it’s a damn shame what they are doing to you I can’t believe they are treating you this way”. You have experience having others think your name is synonymous with the words “patient abuse”. You have staff sneak you something to eat because you cannot eat in the dining room. You have certain staff make up your bed because you are too weak to do it yourself. You have patient abusing staff hurt you with impunity and smile in your face. You go through all of these things while simultaneously being psychologically attacked by those charged with caring for your well-being and ultimately, while there are 14 empty beds in your hallway alone, you get thrown out of the medical center, left homeless, with just 3 days notice! After you have walked for just 3 months in my shoes, not even the 9 months that I did, just 3 months and come back and tell me that YOU are just going to let it go and YOU are going to get over it and I will get in line directly behind you and follow your lead. I do not want anyone to read these descriptions of my experience words and have an opinion about how I should feel or respond. Share the experience and bring something more than a “Monday morning quarterback” opinion to the table.
There are things in life I must admit I am powerless to change, I am forced to accept them and “just let it go” This problem falls far short of that criteria. In fact, I see this one as hard to resolve but just because something is hard to accomplish does not signify I can’t realize it and bring it to
life. The only question remaining is am I willing to put in the work to overwhelm this mass of patient abuse? Anyone with any knowledge of my strength of spirit will tell you this question is rhetorical. I have set my face like flint on these issues and I will not be detoured from my objectives.
We are a country at war Sir, thousands of men and women will come here for domiciliary care. I believe it is incumbent on those of us who have gray hair to prepare the way for those who do not. With that school of thought in mind along with a superfluity of my own experiences here, I refuse to allow these young men and women to come home and be welcomed by this team of maltreating, uncivilized, deceitful, patient abusing group of mental health care providers. They must go, Sir, and go they WILL!
These problems are NOT my fault neither have I ever been the problem here. It is they who made the decision to hook their wagons to a moral tar pit named Carolyn Solomon. It is they who decided to allow her to exist on this center while committing a plethora of mental health abuses. It is they who allowed her to call minority Veterans “niggers”. It is they who enjoyed a laugh with her when she told them how she had “manipulated these 2 dumb niggers against each other, now they are downstairs fighting and she is going to kick both of their black asses out”. It is they who defined her calling me a “mental giant amongst the pygmies” a therapeutic metaphor. They not only vigorously defended her but to this day seek revenge, in her stead, for my previous charges against her. My only contributions to these complicated matters were having the intestinal fortitude to speak truth to power and my adamant refusal to genuflect before them. I do not lie and I don’t kiss rings or bow before mere men! That is not a violation any where in this country. If they had not committed the violations I would not be in the middle of this horrendous experience. I am Not the problem….THEY ARE! They have engendered this entire set of circumstances and I will not allow them to simply and walk away.
I will never deny another human being their right to make their own decisions on any particular matter, though I must confess my disappointment in your response to my complaints. I first reported this modus operandi being employed to hurt Veterans to you
on February 1, 2006, I followed protocol. I continued to exhaust my limited energy to document their behaviors. Instead of my being rescued me from these serial abusers I was left severally ill, at the mercy of psychological terrorist, twisting in the wind, suffering daily attacks by a group of cerebral serial killers until they succeeded in evicting me from the Medical Center. Please do not think I was not forced to become a hostage, I was very ill sir. I could not have left this Medical Center even if I wanted to. I will no longer argue my points with these people; I consider it child abuse to engage in a battle of wits with a group of unarmed individuals. If my accusations cannot be substantiated why is it that Mental Health Care employees encourage me to “please don’t stop, whatever you do, somebody has to stop them, we can’t but you are a patient, you have the ability”? It appears that over 50% of his own staff knows he has no creditability and if given an opportunity for confidentiality in a private setting with you, without the threat of reprisal you will find the truth. I am assuming it is the truth that you are in search of.
I am not obsessed with this situation nor do I allow any single topic to dominate my daily thinking. I am fatigued with people who cannot distinguish normal determination from all of
these psychologically unconstructive, pseudo diagnoses. Their defensive explanations, of my complaints, are nothing more than legalistic “red herring”. According to VA Policy charges of patient abuse are justified by “the patient’s perception of abuse” not the perception of those charged in the offenses! It is MY perception that generates the investigation not their dishonest denials and lies of innocence. My motives are very simple and they do not require a PhD to understand them. They hurt me, they WILL hurt others and I WILL not allow this to happen, PERIOD! They have not begun to ascertain my intellectual capabilities. I will take the time and effort necessary spread my collective understanding of these people on a table and administratively eviscerate their careers as if they were 9th grade biology frog experiments. Since they are so very fond to treating Veterans as if they were laboratory monkeys in a cage while laughing behind their backs, please inform them they have picked the wrong macaque! They will appreciate my sentiments precisely. There is no power, on this earth, that can stop me and if they dare to call on GOD they will quickly find that HE’S on my side in this matter!
I am in receipt of your correspondence to Mike Turner’s office. As a result I am at a loss as to whether you are a victim of their deceptions or a willing participant in their lies. You first stated that I received an “irregular discharge” in March 2004. What you failed to mention was that it was because I had been the victim of 2 violent attacks by Black veterans who had been manipulated by Ms. Solomon to cause me bodily harm. I left the VA because they adamantly refused to hold these men accountable even when the confessed to the Police and other staff they fully intended to hurt me. Second, you state “the Dayton VA paid for my care at the NOVA House”. Again, you conveniently failed to mention the reason they paid. They paid because I was denied an opportunity to recover as a result of my being constantly forced to defend myself against patient abuse, never having the requisite time to focus on my own personal problems. This coupled with the fact Dr. O’Brien did not want me there at all. It was his way of retaliating against me for daring to charge Ms. Solomon. He only relented and came up with the NOVA House idea when I persisted in being provided service. Initially, he flat out denied any service; I simply would not accept his denial. NOVA House was his backup plan. Thirdly, the statement concerning my non-service connected check was also misleading. Almost 2 months earlier I had agreed to sacrifice this check and settle for the $90.00 per month until I felt physically stronger before discharge. Finally, you implied that I was presently working a CWT assignment which you know is untrue. I have no idea why anyone with a once of genuineness would expect an unbiased assessment of my charges to be delivered by members on the same payroll as the offenders. In order for there to be no, standing or substantiation of my charges the investigating team had to suffer from “Ray Charles” disease along with a very high degree of unperception. Finally, this letter mysteriously sounds identically like Dr O’Brien’s latest lily-livered, pusillanimous rhetoric designed to mimic the truth, meet the letter of MCP, while totally violating the spirit of the above policies. Last but not least, I do not value being portrayed as some mentally wanting, spurious charge filing person, with no handle on realism or integrity! If you did
not author this response I strongly encourage you to not allow this hypocrite to have documents signed with your name. If you did in my opinion either his corruptive spirit is contagious or you brought your own to the table. Either this document is intentionally misleading or just plain specious!
Sir the law of probability tells me that it is always the numbers, someone will hear my complaints, and someone will take this ordeal public. An investigation will reveal the truth of these charges. My only responsibility is that I continue to tell the truth which I am willing to do until Jesus comes back. I plan to become continual drops of rain on a tin roof in the lives of these people. I will remain polite, courteous and law abiding. Yet, I assure you the blowback will be enormous for the Dayton Veterans Medical Center .
Finally, I will leave you with a quote from Edmund Burke “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”. Mr. Richardson, time and again those who profess to be good seemed to clearly outnumber those who are evil, yet those who are evil seem to prevail far too often. Seldom is it the numbers that determine the outcome, but whether those who claim to be good men are willing to stand up and fight for what they know to be right. There are numerous examples of this sad and awful scenario being played out over and over again in the scriptures and in this Mental Health Care Line. There are plenty of good people in The Mental Health Care Line here. Why they choose to accept this treatment is not my concern, my power and responsibility is exclusively in what I am willing to accept.
When I first met you I told you I would never take an issue off this Medical Center without first giving you an opportunity to rectify my concerns. I have met my obligation!
In the words of the Apollo 13 Astronauts “Houston we have a problem!”
Respectfully Submitted,
Darrell Hampton
US Army Veteran
338 Ashwood Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45401-3101
to not hold these people accountable and not request an IG investigation has resulted in severe damage to me. I have hung on as long as I could and I have reached the end of my rope. Now I plan to tie a big knot and take control of this issue as far as MY life is concerned. After requesting a meager seven dollar ($7.00) an hour, four hour a day job ($28.00) a day, for well over eighteen months, to no avail, I have decided to go another direction to deal with these people. – Contacts Doctors in different fields and argues ferociously to convince them to discharge Veterans that she finds undesirable, from the Center, regardless whether the patient is well and ready to leave the center and the patient is not well. This includes discharging Veterans who are anemic, underweight and in need on continued hospitalization. ., with the full support of Dr. Coleman and Dr. O’Brien refuses medication to patients who are in excruciating pain, using the excuse “you have a history of substance abuse therefore you will simply have to suffer.” Also tells Veterans “People like you are a drain on our country’s resources”. , He has no qualifications for this positions other than being one of the “good ol boys”. Over the past 4 years he has yet to deliver more than 3 contracts. He tells potential employers that the Veterans here are “nothing but a bunch of drunks and crack heads and it is not necessary to pay them more than minimum wage”. He has discouraged employers from paying Veterans higher salaries. Labels Veterans who comes here for help more than once “Frequent Fliers”. He also forwards patients confidential information to sources outside the Medical Center in clear violation of confidentiality rules. , Worked for two years on his PhD, on Government time, on Government computers, refusing to see a single Veteran because of his personal disdain for our continued existence. He has not been held responsible for this theft of Government services. of the VA’s Substance Abuse Program. Richard also owns and operates Riddle’s Ribs located at 502 South Wittenberg in Springfield Ohio . From this location he floods the minority neighborhoods of Springfield with rot-gut cheap wine and forty-ounces of cheap beer seven days a week. It is also rumored that he sells drug paraphernalia. He does these things while simultaneously offering a daily full-throated opposition to the consumption of the very products he sells after he leaves work here. , Colludes with O’Brien, duplicates his behavior is a pathological liar who said and I quote “There is nothing we can do for these Veterans, they have chosen their lifestyles and all I do is baby-sit them until they die”. (MHCL). Lies to cover up wrongdoing by his staff and defends blatant violations. Conspires to manipulate Veterans into inappropriate responses then uses those responses to have VA Police bar Veterans from Medical Center .

Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director May 26, 2006
Dayton Veterans Medical Center
4100 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45428
Conspiracy to Commit Patient Abuse
Conspiracy to File False Criminal Charges
Tampering With Delivery of US Mail
Dear Mr. Richardson,
On or about May 11, 2006 I was sitting in Mr. Mancini’s office preparing to speak with him concerning my concerns of staff members denying my Veterans Benefits, a CWT position. A female Veteran came to the door. As is my custom, I got up to leave, so that she could have her appointment with Mr. Mancini. I spoke to the female, said where is my morning hug, which she normally gives me everyday. In fact, she had on previous occasions complained that I hugged all of the Veterans except her. This time she said, “I am no longer allowed to hug anyone”. I replied, “Well, I’ll just give you a hug and you don’t have to hug me back”. I proceeded to give her a one-armed”: hug and walked out the door.
Later that same day this female Veteran, Karen Grody spoke to Noretta Justice, supposedly about her not being allowed to hug anyone anymore. She mentioned that I had hugged her earlier that day. Ms. Justice immediately instructed her to go to the Patient Advocate and file charges of sexual harassment against me. Ms. Justice has consistently tried to make my life unbearable since the day I met her September 10, 2003.
Ms. Justice has called the Safety Inspector, Mr. Pennington to my room to try to have it declared a “Fire Hazard”. Ms. Justice has manipulated another Veteran to file charges against me several weeks ago. This particular Veteran was experiencing the normal stressors of drug addiction withdrawals and finding fault with everyone. He spent time in her office telling her how much he disliked my attitude. I happened to walk past her office in time to hear her say “who, Hampton? He’s an asshole, the biggest troublemaker on this Center”. Within 10 minutes this same Veteran came into the computer room and begins to complain about the lack of printer ink. When I told him I was well aware of the problem and that Lynn Chadbourne was refusing to purchase ink for us he immediately lost control of his emotions. He ran to Ms. Justice’s office and told her to call the Police because he didn’t like my attitude. Ms. Justice pressed the panic button. When the Police arrived she stood by his side acting as if she had nothing to do with the situation. He ranted and raged incoherently never making one substantial allegation other than to say “I want him off the compound, I want him removed immediately”. When asked by the Police what exactly I had done he responded, “I just don’t like his tone”.
Sir, this woman is out of control and spends most of her day causing stress and confusion in Bldg 410. She continually keeps disorder going all day, pitting Veterans against each other. There is no peace or harmony in her presence. She tells all Veterans “Darrell Hampton is an asshole and troublemaker and to stay away from him. Ostracizing is yet another ploy of Ms. Justice and the MHCL.
Several months ago I explained to Ms. Justice that I no longer wanted any contact with her because of her seemingly inability to tell the truth. I had this conversation in front of several staff members in order to protect myself from further false accusations. The staff members present were Andrew Hing, CNA, and Kimberly Hawkins, Program Support Asst. The process for Veterans to receive their mail in bldg 410 is as follows: Ms. Justice or Kimberly Hawkins sorts the mail; a list is created of all Veterans who have mail that particular day. The list is then placed at the front desk to be viewed all Veterans to check whether they have received any mail. If a Veteran sees their name on the list they must initial on the left side of the list and place today’s date on the right side of the form. The Veteran then walks to Ms. Justice’s or ms. Hawkins’ office to retrieve their mail. She asks if you have signed the list, the veteran answers in the affirmative and she hands the Veteran the mail. Since the day I asked Ms. Justice to refrain from communicating with me I have also requested Ms. Hawkins retrieve my mail. Ms. Justice has made my receiving my mail a catastrophic event every time I have mail. First, she says I have to physically bring her the mail log so that she can verify my signature before I can receive my mail. When I challenged this requirement. She went to the Post Office gave them the impression that I was requesting another Veteran, as opposed to another staff member, Kim Hawkins, to retrieve my mail and came back and told me that “I was told by “higher ups that I am not allowed to hand your mail to anyone other than you”. She intentionally lied to the Postal employee to get the desired response. She then started ferocious rumors circulating that I was involved in an inappropriate relationship with Ms. Hawkins, told other staff members. This resulted in another false charge being lodged against my person.
I am highly offended by these charges of immorality. Disparaging the character of Veterans she dislikes is standard operating procedure for this woman. A veteran with less coping skills to deal with extreme victimization and disappointment would become a victim of her recipe for substance abuse relapse. This justifies all of the dreadful things said about the Veteran. After engendering this course of action, which results in failure she loves to be able to say,”see I told you so”.
Dr. Coleman and Dr. O’Brien are aware of her shenanigans and mischief. They refuse to hold her responsible. They have hidden agendas and vested interests as to why they refuse to fulfill their perspective employment obligations. These programs have neither leadership nor managerial authority. Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Coleman write policies that fit their particular desire for a particular Veteran. Instead of trying to provide services both spend most of their time trying to figure out how they can justify denying the Veteran his/her due. I regret to report to you, sir, they do not share VHA philosophy that Veterans are a special and deserving group of individuals. The morals of this team are so low that a drug-addicted prostitute could follow them around this Medical Center and learn how to do nastier and dirtier things to the Veterans here. They place burdens on Veterans that they would not dare lift a finger to carry. When we tell them the burden is too heavy they label us malingers, lazy and game players who are trying to live off the government. They accuse us of only desiring “three hot meals and a cot”. This is one of their favorite clichés.
I am very weary of being exposed to Police contact because of their dealings. The Police are here to maintain order not to penalize Veterans that are not particularly liked by certain staff. The Police seem to think they work for Dr. O’Brien. He has excessive influence over their daily conduct because he provides their annual psychological certifications. He has had this responsibility for several years now. I refer you, again to Alexander Hamilton’s statement: “a power over a man’s support is a power over his will”.
I am requesting that Ms. Justice be held responsible for her actions. I am requesting that she be held to the same standards that we Veterans are held to in our daily conduct.
Sincerely Yours,
Darrell Hampton
US Army Veteran
P.O.Box 3101
Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director August 31, 2007
Dayton Veterans Medical Center
4100 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45418
Dear Mr. Richardson,
I have written many detailed letters to you concerning my opinion of “certain” members of the MHCL. I have never stated nor indicated, to you or anybody else, that I cannot get along with “anybody” in the department and any inference of that opinion would be, basically dishonest. I have repeatedly named the individuals repeatedly!
It appears that “maybe” I am failing to communicate my thoughts towards these individuals. With that in mind I want to shed a brighter light on my opinions to you. After this clarification I would greatly appreciate it if you do not cause offense and insult me by insisting that I communicate with these individuals. I said NO and that is precisely what I mean.
I hope the following statement makes my position crystal clear on any further contact with this unholy alliance of health care providers: If I experience any life threatening episode while on the center, I DO NOT WANT THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS ALLOWED ANYWHERE NEAR MY BODY! Dr. William O’Brien, Dr. Florence Coleman, Kathleen Rowell, Carol O’Brien, Richard Riddle, Robert Dennis or Barry Romesburg. If I meet an untimely demise as a result of this order I hold the Dayton VA without liability. Further, if I die as a result of this position I forbid any heir and or family member from pursuing any legal remedies from my demise, if it is as a result of the above statement!
Do you get the point NOW, Sir? I don’t want these people in my medical records for any reason what so ever. According to the Rules and Responsibilities governing this Medical Center I can choose to not have anyone I choose involved in my treatment. I choose NOT to have these people involved in my life and I really need you to stop trying to force their presence down my throat! I said NO!
Dr. O’Brien is now insisting that I obtain some type of medical clearance before he will approve a CWT job for me. I don’t believe any Veteran in the entire history of this VA has gone through so much HELL to get a CWT job. Please do not attempt to construe the above statement to imply that I am only speaking about the “medical clearance”, I am speaking of my entire experience with the MHCL. What he will do is then use that “clearance” to have my disability payments cancelled. Before anyone concludes this is paranoia or an unrealistic assumption may I direct your attention to his last response to a “medical clearance” he worked so hard via Carol O’Brien to obtain. He used it to kick me out of the medical center while I was still sick and then said they were doing it for my best interests. Their “motive” supposedly was to prevent me from becoming “institutionalized, as if I am the person who has lived off of institution funds for over thirty (30) years. The irony of their logic leaves me completely staggered. So while you and others refuse to believe the inherent evil that resides within this group of individuals I cannot afford that luxury and it is imperative that I protect myself from their antisocial behaviors.
Dr’ O’Brien and Company will continue to have a distracting affect on the entire MHCL and they will forever be mentioned as individuals who tortured a patient and were protected by, not one, not two but three directors. Contrary to what you may think, your own reputation is beginning to take hits from their behaviors. I see people all over town who say, “I just can’t believe Mr. Richardson has not put a stop to this” or “I can’t believe that he does not see what they are doing”. It appears that you insist on operating from a state of denial and are more interested in hunkering down and hoping that I will go away. That position is certainly your prerogative to take. That position, unquestionably, is not what is going to happen but we are all adults here, we are all reasonably intelligent and we all have the rights and privileges to take any position, on these matters, we choose. I do have two questions for you; why didn’t you simply tell them to stop torturing me while I was so very ill? Why won’t you exercise your authority and tell these people to “leave me the hell alone, even to this day?
The longer it takes you, sir, to face the information that you have an intrinsically corrupt lying group of individuals whose feculent odor desecrates the entire Mental Health Care Line, the longer the interests of the treatment programs will be marginalized and Honorably Discharged Veterans will suffer lack.
Mr. Richardson, when a person has a mental health problem, no matter what it is, they have a need for one thing more than any other: HONESTY. It is desperately needed for that person to achieve a return to mental health. When your staff lies, steals, mistreats and hurts the mental health care patient they make him ten times of poorer mental quality than he was when he came here for treatment. If I had not made a firm decision to base my life in a foundation of honesty I would not have achieved any level of success in my recovery. Had God not wrapped my spine in the stainless steel of Jesus Christ I would have relapsed a long time ago! On September 10, 2007, I will realize four years of recovery and I do not appreciate you, Dr.’s O’Brien and Coleman and their crew of patient abusers trying to convince me to “don’t believe you’re lying eyes, believe what I am saying”. If it is achievable, I am becoming more and more offended by this position. I repeat, please do ask me to or instruct these mendacious people to communicate with me. They hurt me very badly and I will not communicate with them. It has been my experience that communicating with pathological liars is a complete waste of time and oxygen. Frankly, I really don’t think very much about whether you or anybody else believes they hurt me or whether others think I should be in touch with them. It’s my opinion that takes precedence in my life in who I communicate with.
As I’ve told you before, I will repeat again; there are plenty of good, honorable and competent people employed in the MHCL, a lot of them and empathize with my situation. They simply cannot do anything to help me, they will not, and I can’t blame them, jeopardize their livelihoods. You can do something about it and because you refuse to do anything about what is happening, you not only let me down but you let them down, also. They too are very weary with these people.
I have chosen to take my case to the US Attorney’s office as well as a fervent pursuant of having their credentials removed. I am “assuming” that you will remove them if they have no credentials. Also, I have several additional options, on the table, to deal with their much irreverence to medical center policies. I don’t understand “Federal Butt Covering” employees and I have zero desire to understand this blatant deceitfulness! I will not accept their maltreatment and I don’t have to! There are many things, in this life, that I must accept; a corrupt mental health care employee is not on the list.
My Very Best Regards,
Darrell Hampton
US Army Veteran
The following will explain why I have decided on this position on matters that I perceive to be blatant instances of patient abuse. Dr. William O’Brien, PhD, Service Chief, Mental Health Care Line
Dr. Florence Coleman, MD, Psychiatrist
Richard Riddle- Coordinator
Rob Dennis- Vocational Rehab Counselor
Barry Romsburg- Vocational Rehab Outside Contract Counselor
Kathleen Rowell. Physicians Asst
Carol O’Brien, Nurse
Collectively, these people represent a group of Patient Abusers who are skilled in manipulation of the facts and diabolical in the execution of dishonesty and causing pain to Veterans who have come here for treatment.
We are a country at war. No matter which side of the war you are on we can all agree that the war will come to an end one day. When this war ends thousands of Veterans will come here for treatment. The number one problem they will have will be Mental Health. I refuse to allow these brave, heroic young men and women to come home and be welcomed by this team of individuals. Anytime a health care provider engages in behaviors they know or should have known would result in damage to a patient, that is the criminal definition of Depraved Indifference to human life and I demand that these individuals be held accountable for their actions. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and incarcerated for the maximum amount of time the law allows. While the substance abuse programs here enjoys an eighty-percent (80%) rate of recidivism these people are happy with the results. I AM NOT!
Darrell Hampton
Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director August 2, 2007
Dayton veterans Medical Center
4100 West Third Street
Dayton Ohio 45418
Dear Mr. Richardson please receive this communication as formal notification of my intentions and plans to deal with the many issues I have faced as a patient at the Dayton VA.
Since September 10, 2003 I have struggled with a plethora of issues concerning my treatment in the MHCL programs. My one and only goal has been to be treated as a worthwhile human being who deserved the opportunity to recover from my past decisions and return to a position of restored living. The fact that I have earned this right, by virtue of having volunteered to jeopardize my life for my country, and had a right to what I sought, is a forgone conclusion that needs no examination.
At every turn those who would refuse me the right to recover have thwarted my efforts. Great, calculated, determined effort has been directed towards me to insure failure. Some of the best psychologically trained minds on the center have worked overtime to create breakdown and a drug addiction relapse in my life. With their advanced knowledge that most people with a history of substance abuse are at risk for relapse when faced with extreme personal pressure, financial hardships and emotional hardship, they have applied as much turmoil as administratively possible to engender failure in my life. At worst these people are guilty of patient assisted suicide; at best they are guilty of depraved indifference to human life. Anytime a person engages in a behavior that he or she knows or should have known would result in harm to another, they are guilty of Depraved Indifference to human life. They are guilty!
Before your arrival I had documented much of my treatment here. Time would fail me to try and document all of the abuses I had suffered at the hands of, at that time, Dr. Cohen’s staff. Dr. Cohen’s response was to go on long, detailed investigations to ascertain “who” was typing my complaints, helping me spell “big” words and giving me the contact information to file the complaints. He never officially recognized my existence nor responded, in any way to my concerns. The first time I saw him he was walking under the canopy outside the tower. I approached and asked if he was the Director? He replied, “That depends whose asking”. I introduced myself and before I completed pronouncing my name, he jerked his hand away and ran into the building, yelling over his shoulder “I have to be in a meeting”. Having spent a great deal of time in executive environments this was a total shock. My first impression of a Medical Director left much to be desired.
Next was Linda Smith, (racist extraordinaire) she did meet with me, listened patiently to my complaints and replied “Mr. Hampton if you find the Medical Center experience so distasteful why do you even bother coming here”? She continued, “If I were you I would never come here again. Is there anything else I can do for you”? I was breathless!
As one could expect upon hearing of your assignment, I was prepared for you to simply slap the hell out of me and tell me to get the hell out of your face because you hadn’t had your morning coffee yet. On the contrary I was very impressed with you. Your very first words to me were “Mr. Hampton my motto is Veterans first”. I was stunned and I certainly took your words with a grain of salt….to be honest a pillar of salt. You asked “what can I do for you, what do you need from me”? I explained to you my need for a CWT position and my perception that Bill O’Brien, Florence Coleman, Barry Romsburg, Rob Dennis were conspiring to deny me access to this much-needed benefit. You assured me that you would look into it and get back to me. To be fair and honest I became ill so the issue became mute. Instead I needed your assistance because the same people were now attempting to deny my access to the center for much needed Medical Care. They put up quite a battle, determined to do everything in their power, manufacturing lies upon lies about “named individuals in a lawsuit being employed on the Center and my co-existence making them uncomfortable”. If they had tried to pull the wool over your eyes before that moment I have no idea. This was the first set of calculated deceptions, on your watch, I am aware of.
My health rapidly deteriorated and Bill O’Brien and Co amplified my suffering. I documented as much as I could, in my weakened stated, forgetting to mention lots of abuse yet determined to inform you of my torment.
I was not satisfied with your response though I reasoned that I was asking quite a bit from you considering the fact, I was sure Dr. O’Brien & Co would first meet to collude on the issue, then make every effort to obfuscate my complaint. They are masters at deception and bureaucratic dishonesty. I had quickly learned that, in the lives of Dr. O’Brien & Co. honesty is dishonorable; penitence is weakness. Loyalty trumps law; protecting higher-ups patriotism. Stonewalling is idealism and telling the truth is informing. They had taught me the game well. I have the bruises and scar-tissue to prove it.
Noretta Justice was their useful idiot, she had proved indispensable, and she could be counted on to fall on her sword on a daily basis. She reminded me of the TV commercial where the kids said “give it to Mikey he’ll eat anything. Man did they work her. They stroked her, convinced her that the whole world was a lie and she was not a first generation removed trailer park ingrate but rather a member of their exclusive club of hubris filled ‘extra smart” people who are above all others. Poor thing, she believed them until they pushed her out to sea without life raft and watched her wither and sink under your accountability mantle. They gave her a retirement party and passed the mantle of hatred, ignorance and destruction to Barry Romsburg. He grabbed it with both hands.
I have to give them credit; they do know how to pick them. O’Brien and Coleman are masters of the game. The mystery surrounding their positions on different matters deepen with each bizarre attempt to defend the blatant violations of those they have sworn NOT to let drown while taking one for the team. Bill O’Brien and Florence Coleman’s have become dire figures of disrepute within the MHCL. While you may continue to give them the benefit of the doubt those who really know these two constantly check their wallets when parting company with these two.
I realize that people have every right to make their very own decisions even when their decisions result in damage to the welfare of others. Your decisions
Sir, over my lifetime I have spent a great deal of time in heroin shooting galleries and in crack houses; I have also spent a significant amount of time on this medical center. The lowest level of moral deprivation I have ever witnessed has been on this center. Thank God these people don’t get high; they would probably bar-b-que Veterans and eat them!
Mr. Richardson I have never exaggerated, embellished, minimized nor failed to take responsibility for my part in ANY written and/or verbal communication. I take great pride in my absolute attention to complete honesty. Actually, I don’t need you to believe things for me to know there are true. I was there, I saw it, I felt it, and I suffered through it. For the life of me I cannot understand why you don’t see what they have done and continue to do. Then, again, I am not required to understand your part of this issue, I am only responsible to understand and respond to what I see and have experienced.
With that in mind I have decided to take matters into my own hands and I will no longer require your assistance in these matters. Personally, Sir, I like you and it is my desire that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers. I also have those exact same desires for my own life.
I no longer desire a CWT position. Since it is so very precious to them it is worth eighteen months of lying, cheating and hurting me……. they can keep it.
Effective August 13, 2007, I will began a fast at the corner of Gettysburg and Third Street . I will fly two very large American flags “upside down” sending a universal signal of a soldier in severe distress and requesting that the American people send help immediately. I will refuse to consume anything of nutritional value and I will not cease this action until Congress orders the Inspector General to conduct an independent evaluation and investigation of my allegations. I want each and every complaint I have submitted, to you, over the course of the past two years investigated and re-evaluated. William O’Brien and Florence Coleman will stop hurting people who are unable to defend themselves! I WILL stop them from hurting Veterans and I do not need assistance from any power on this earth. Since they do love to hurt people who the perceive as unable to defend themselves please tell them, for me, that I am ready now. Let’s do this!!!!
These actions will not require that you spend anymore time meeting with me and discussing these same issues, over and over and over again. I am tired and I have absolutely zero desire to relive, repeat, and continue describing the hell these people have put me through. Contrary to the understanding of most people, it hurts to keep repeating this stuff.
I live right; therefore I have no doubt how this action will conclude. Like a Las Vegas gambler who is sure he has the winning hand and he confidently pushes all of his chips to the center of the table…I am all in on this matter.
I will see you on the other side of this issue.
My Very Best Regards, Mr. Guy B. Richardson, Director February 1, 2006
Dayton Veterans Medical Center
4100 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45428
RE: Formal Charges of Patient Abuse.
Dear Mr. Richardson:
As you are aware I am a resident in building 410 while I recover from the hep-C treatment. My reaction to the medicine has been particularly debilitating, at times barely tolerable. On any given day I experience all of the side effects of injecting Alpha interferon and consuming Ribaviran capsules. To date, I have taken thirty (30) injections and over one thousand and fifty (1050) Ribaviran capsules. My red blood cells have been affected to the point of anemia. I now take Procrit shots to try and stimulate my body to produce more red blood cells. My white blood cells are depressed, leaving me with a compromised immunity system. My platelets are lowered, affecting my blood clotting ability. My energy level oscillates from day to day. My hair is falling out. I suffer with “rigors” causing my body to tremble, without warning. I have lost well over thirty (30) pounds and virtually my entire body strength.
The most common adverse events reported for PEGASYS and COPEGUS combination therapy observed in clinical trials (N=451) are as follows: fatigue/asthenia (65%), headache (43%), pyrexia (41%), myalgia (40%), irritability/anxiety/nervousness (33%), insomnia (30%), alopecia (28%), neutropenia (27%), nausea/vomiting (25%), rigors (25%), anorexia (24%), injection site reaction (23%), arthralgia (22%), depression (20%), pruritus (19%) and dermatitis (16%). The adverse event profile of co infected patients treated with PEGASYS and COPEGUS was generally similar to that shown for monoinfected patients. Events occurring more frequently in co infected patients were neutropenia (40%), anemia (14%), thrombocytopenia (8%) weight decrease (16%) and mood alteration (9%).
In spite of these challenges, at the hands of certain staff, I have been forced to endure the most devastating psychological attacks of my lifetime.
When I arrived on October 3, 2005 I was immediately assigned a room with two of the most mentally unstable senior Veterans in the building. These men have a reputation for being the most personally irritable Veterans in the building. One talks incessantly, mumbling the latest sports scores and lottery numbers, even while he is asleep. The other thinks the only important thing in life is the female anatomy and is consumed with sharing this opinion until 10:00pm everyday. Between the two of them they go in and out the door 100-150 times a day, leaving the room for 5 minutes and returning over and over again all day. This means my while I am trying to rest I am forced to listen to these sounds daily. This assignment was made despite the fact that several rooms were completely vacant on the same floor. I perceive this assignment as an intentional act to discomfort my stay and amplify my suffering. This act meets the criteria for a charge of PATIENT ABUSE against the persons who made this decision. I believe these persons responsible for this hateful decision are Kathleen Rowell, PA. And Noretta Justice
I was told that I could store my syringes in the Medical refrigerator, on the first floor. I opened the refrigerator to discover a level of waste that was incomprehensible. I walked to the store and purchased cleaning supplies with my own funds, fantastic and bleach. I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed and sanitized the refrigerator to make it safe to store my medication. After my appetite disappeared and my weight begin to plummet I requested INSURE or it’s equivalent. Once I began to receive my daily supply of nutritional supplement it began to disappear from the refrigerator. I requested that I be allowed to store it in the office with my syringes. All of the Health Techs agreed that I had to be able to secure my nutrition. Once I began storing it Ms. Rowell began an entire campaign to deny me this privilege. She has created signs about not being allowed to store “food” in this refrigerator. She comes in every morning and goes straight to the refrigerator to check on the status of my supplements. I find it incredulous that the same person who allowed this “medical” refrigerator to become a cloaca is now overwhelmed with concern about the contents of the same compartment. NO! This is a blatant attempt to discomfort my life. Discomforting the lives of Veterans seems to be her only goal in life. When she is not telling honorably discharged Veterans “People like you are a drain on our country’s resources”, she is busy speaking in condescending manners and barking and intimidating the Veterans. She has instructed Ms. Gregory to inform me that I need to “ask permission” to use the phone on the compound. Noretta Justice had the audacity to tell me “I am not like Carol or Kathy; I would never call you a nigger”. She continued, “You know why”? I was all prepared to here the normal racist cliché; “we had a black dog while we were growing up, or my mother had a nice black servant”, etc. But no, she didn’t say any of the above; she said “I would never call you a nigger because I have black blood in me.” Basically, what I heard was “I would never call you a nigger because I’m a nigger, too. This is a complete disrespect of any patient and highly insulting and racist.
As a result of my past experience here I am constantly bombarded by psychological 101 games, initiated by Kathleen Rowell, Dr. Florence Coleman, MD and Dr. William O’Brien and Barry Romesburg. They seem hell-bent on discomforting my life and appear not to be able to resist causing me harm. They can be counted on to consistently send lower level employees to torture me on a daily basis. It is my perception that they considers it cathartic to manipulate those she feels are intellectually inferior to do their bidding, allowing themselves to appear uninvolved. It’s sort of like the proverbial “throwing rocks and hiding one’s hand”. Whenever Kathy Rowell is not manipulating Ms. Gregory to insult or assault me she is busy sending Noretta Justice to seek her revenge against me. To be constantly attacked is patient abuse. To be constantly attacked while “severely debilitated” is atrocious, barbarous, bestial, bitter, bloodthirsty, brutal, brutish, callous, cold-blooded, degenerate, demoniac, depraved, evil, excruciating, ferocious, fierce, flinty, hard, hard-hearted, harsh, hateful, heartless, hellish, implacable, inhumane, malevolent, merciless, monstrous, painful, poignant, rancorous, relentless, revengeful, ruthless, sadistic, sinful, spiteful, tyrannical, unfeeling, unkind, unnatural, unrelenting, vengeful, vicious, virulent, wicked and unusual. It is also Patient Abuse!
Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Coleman, along with Barry Romesburg, without exception, embellish, exaggerate, minimize and type unmitigated LIES when documenting progress notes in my medical file. This too is PATIENT ABUSE!
They have blocked my request to be assigned to a CWT position in the computer lab for over 6 months. When the subject is broached it is met with the same disingenuous smiles, a promise to look into it and “get back to you”. I work four hours a day as an IT worker in the computer lab. I have been a tremendous help to the veterans. I have created 7 resumes, 22 email accounts, 22 accounts and 18 USAJOBS accounts. I have linked these accounts to the Veterans email addresses. This allows for passive job leads to be sent to their prospective email addresses. I have completed 6 online job applications for Veterans resulting in one Veteran being hired with Airborne Express @ at rate of $11.00 per hour. This CWT job would allow me to start earning and become productive while recuperating. While this would be an ideal position they would prefer that I take an assignment off the compound. In my opinion this is pernicious. These are medical professionals. They are well aware that my being exposed to all sorts of damp, cold weather is a recipe for pneumonia. I feel this is criminal behavior. It is a sophisticated attempt on my life. This too, is PATIENT ABUSE. IT IS ALSO DENIEL OF SERVICES. It is also a crime. My request has been met with blank stares, disingenuous responses and outright lies. They seem to be willing to risk their very lives as long as it results in hurting Darrell Hampton. This is retaliation and retribution.
Kathleen Rowell, Noretta Justice, and Barry Romesburg consistently violate Medical Center policy. They communicate my confidential information to Carolyn Solomon in Waco Texas . Noretta brags incessantly about how she communicates with Ms. Solomon 5-6 times a day EVERYDAY!
I am requesting that Dr. O’Brien, Dr. Coleman, Kathleen Rowell, Barry Romesburg, Noretta Justice and Bernadine Gregory be held accountable for their actions. I am requesting they be detailed away from patient contact and an investigation be ensued immediately. Further, I am requesting the FBI be contacted to investigate possible criminal activity on the part of these individuals. If you fail to secure their offices forthwith, you will provide an opportunity for them to destroy evidence of their crimes.
I am not interested in lawsuits or causing embarrassment to this institution. I would prefer to keep this in-house. I have never had a complaint concerning any other department on this center. In fact, medically, I am eternally grateful for the treatment I have received on this center. Yet if I cannot get an immediate response to my complaint I will be left with not other choice but to protect myself, by any means necessary. If that means the media or law enforcement on my own, then so be it.
These problems are not new to government organizations. The framers of the constitution recognized this dilemma. Alexander Hamilton wrote on this subject: A power over man's ability to support himself and live in peace is A power over his will. (Federalist papers no.73) No one will possess A power over my will.
Respectfully Submitted,
Darrell Hampton
US Army Veteran
338 Ashwood Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45405

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