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Monday, May 30, 2011


May 31, 2011

Eric Shinseki, Secretary Veterans Affairs

Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

In 2004, the Director of the Dayton VA, Dr. Stephen Cohen, when I introduced myself to him, after I had filed multiple charges against Carolyn Solomon, an employee in the Mental Health Care Line (MHCL) ran from me into the Medical Center while hollering over his shoulder “I’ve got a meeting to attend and I am late”. Then VSN 10 assigned Linda Smith as the acting Director. She told me, to my face, “Mr. Hampton, I have only one problem with your dissatisfaction: “If you have so many complaints about how you have been treated here, why do you even come her for treatment? If I were you, I would never set foot on this property again as long as I lived”……She, Linda Smith, was later promoted to the Director of the Cincinnati VA. Then Guy B. Richardson was appointed and he told me “I will never rectify your concerns”. After I was selected as the most qualified applicant for a position on the center and forwarded to him for a second interview, he violated protocol and gave the positions to a young attractive black female (I’m black too) and told me “Mr. Hampton, you look a lot different from the last time I saw you…The last time I saw you, you were all suited up” and he burst out laughing in my face. He was making fun of the fact that during the interview for the job I had on a suit and I was now dressed in less formal wear. After the Dental clinic expose, all hell broke out and the Dayton VA was headlining every national news station in America Guy Richardson was removed. His replacement was a man by the name of William Montague. I requested a meeting with him. During this meeting he told me, three times, The reason you will never get a job on this center, even though you are an Honorably Discharged Veteran is because, “You kicked dirt on the umpire” meaning I was being penalized and punished for reporting the Dental Clinic to Your office, the US Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and the local media. These are all exact quotes!

I don’t know where or who taught these people the definition of “Public Servant” but whoever it was has lead them astray. The American people pay these people good money to manage these Medical Centers for “Their” Veterans. They have allowed their positions to go to their heads and morphed into the position of a Czar or someone who has no accountability to anyone. They act as if the federal Government has placed these properties in their personal name and they “own” them. They are headstrong, arrogant, unworthy and ungrateful of the positions they hold. Maybe a remedial class on the definition of “Public Servant” would help them but I seriously doubt it. They are too far gone for redemption!

I might add, it appears the VSN 10 Chief, Jack Hetrick, approves of and supports their blatant patient abuse of America’s Honorably Discharged Veterans. He has yet to do anything other than cover up and minimize their behavior while attempting to find reasons “why” they have acted in the way that they have! No matter how many “substantiated” charges I bring against his staff, from executive employees caught having sex on the Medical Center to proven charges of HYPAA violations to documented cases of blatant lying under oath, I am yet to hear even an apology or any word from his desk.

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